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BF & I (early 20s) looking to travel somewhere in the US 12/26-1/2

Hello everyone. My boyfriend and I are looking to travel somewhere in the US during December, preferably somewhere with snow since I have never seen it 🙂 I think we want to go somewhere with mountains close by, great scenery, (maybe) stay in a lodge/cabin, see some historic sites/museums, etc. we were thinking of Nashville, TN. But I wanted to see if anyone had any other ideas. We live in FL.

I know Nashville probably won’t snow & might be a little more of a “city” vibe then we are going for, but I do know that in between Christmas and New Years there will be many activities for us to do. I would love to go somewhere with activities as well as hiking. I hope this isn’t too vague. We are both very indecisive and are looking for some ideas. We will be traveling by plane.

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