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Being on your period is no excuse to be mean

I bet this topic has been talked about plenty on this sub, but I (23M) believe being on your period is no excuse to be mean, rude, bitchy, or however you want to put it. I completely understand that going through the pains and raging hormones that come with periods isn’t pleasant, but taking that out on the people around you is unacceptable.

I’ve been in every hormonal state that a guy can go through ranging from dangerously low testosterone, high estrogen, and even full blown steroid cycles with some of the heaviest compounds like trenbolone, and never have I taken that anger or irritability out on anyone. Yes I know it’s not just hormonal, and that there are pains that come with it, but it’s still no excuse. I’ve been so irritated and angry that I wanted to fight anyone who looked at me the wrong way, let alone actually bothered me, and I still kept a lid on my emotions.

Beyond all that though, the fact that women can keep their cool, or at least pretend to, while at work and not snap at their superiors all day shows me that you can do the same with me. I’m not the reason you feel bad, it’s nature, and taking that out on anyone is wrong. If you can’t keep from being straight up mean to everyone around you because of your period, then you’re just immature. It’s that simple. If I can do it, so can you. It’s not a free pass for bad behavior. Rant over.

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