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Being an adult can be fun, even if you’re not privileged.

Everyone says adulting sucks. But to be honest, adulting gives you freedom to make it not suck.

As long as you recognize the simple joys in life, you can make it a regular things to create pockets of joy each day. You can make decisions, even small ones, to improve your quality of life.. or not and just have quirky fun with it.

You can eat breakfast for dinner, or you can skip eating dinner entirely and just play games all night. You can sleep the entire Saturday, then watch movies while pretending to work. You can mix-n-match your clothes, change your diet, workout and build muscles, take vitamins… or not.

You can walk outside in an embarrassing outfit, or be in a formal attire just to get some groceries. You can treat yourself to an expensive tub of luxury ice cream alone, or buy the cheapest wine and call an acquaintance to try and make them your friend.

Adults are so free to do stuff… and it can be fun.

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