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Anyone have any advice on going from a server to a floor manager/closer?

I just started training yesterday and am getting a bit confused on how the cash/deposit works at the end of the night. I don't know if all restaurants have the same general procedure?

This is what I got so far:

Once the last guest leaves go on to both computers and get all the servers tip outs.

Tip everyone out.

Unlock the safe under the register and grab all of the 50's and 100's from the day.

Take to office.

Then each register has to have $200 each in specific denominations to bills and change, and then the safe or "petty cash" needs to equal out to exactly 1300, and you're pulling money from the deposit and making change back into petty cash to make sure each register is exact?

I don't know I feel like I'm making it more complicated than it needs to be but I've never been a big numbers person and the person training me is a young floor manager who just started training for the position a month ago.

Also any other general advice would be appreciated, thanks.

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