Saturday, October 16News That Matters

A thousand people go missing very often and they go unnoticed. Gaby Petito’s case is being favored over everyone else.

It really gets me upset because I see nonstop news about this girl it's really fucking annoying. People go missing all the time and they never get news time or an ARMY of people looking for them. Now I know it is very sad for the family and what not I completely understand it's horrible. It's just not fair that this person gets the most help while everyone else gets bread crumbs worth of help. Before anyone downvotes this really fucking think about it for a second. What cause she was a youtuber or something(idrc) that's no fucking excuse. Speak to random families about their loved ones who went missing and never came back. Most of them will tell you that they received help for about almost a week then the authorities were like oh well sucks to suck.

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