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A rant about the current state of the industry

Hey friends. It’s been a year (+). And I just need to vent.

I have stayed at my place of employment through the pandemic (except the two months where we were mandated to be closed). I have jumped off of bartending and onto serving. I have adapted to every take out role and done my best keep a smile on because hey! We are still open!

But tonight….tonight tested me. For some context, we are a busy restaurant in a busy city. The restaurant is still not fully reopened, simply because we don’t have the staff. We literally have four servers and a couple of people who can do takeout. Because we are so limited, the servers make their own drinks (hence why I am in hell on the floor instead of shaking to my heart’s content every night).

Tonight, I was training a new hire. I had the entire inside to myself (8 tables total) including an 8 top and an 11 top (walk in, you know the kind!). I had to make all my own drinks, plus try to explain everything to a new hire. Plus hope that the three new people working patio/expo/takeout were doing okay. It was A LOT.

I really just wanna vent. I’m not even sure what my point is. I guess maybe that I made $21 off the 11 top that stressed me out for over an hour. And $40 off a two top that I minimally checked in with. Amen for folks like them. The struggle is real.

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