Saturday, June 19News That Matters

A priest is out fishing on a lake with a member of his church.

Just when they were fixing to call it a day and reeling in the lines, the priest gets a bite. He finally gets the fish on the boat and his friend says, “Wow! What a beautiful son of a bitch.”

The priest looks at the man shocked. The man explains, “No Father. That’s what the fish is called.” So the priest laughs. Back at the church the priest slams the fish on the kitchen counter next to a Nun and proclaims, “look at that son of a bitch.”

The Nun is visibly shocked. So the priest explains that it’s the fishes name. So the Nun giggles. They both stood there and realized that the fish is much too big for the both of them to eat. So, they decide to call the Pope over for dinner. The Pope comes over, the fish was amazing. The priest leans back in his chair and says, “That son of a bitch was good.” The Nun also leaned backed and proclaimed, “Yes. That son of a bitch was really good.”

The Pope looks at both of them relaxing a little more in his chair and says, “Hey, you fuckers are alright.”

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