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A giant burly tough-as-nails biker dude barges into a bar…

A giant burly tough-as-nails biker dude barges into a bar and strolls up to the bar that already has wall to wall customers. He shoves everyone to one side and demands the bartender's attention. Everyone is immediately cowed into silence by the look of him.

"Gimme a shot of whiskey!" He barks at the bartender, who obliges him. The biker takes the shot, looks to his right at the long line of quivering men and bellows "Everyone on this side of the bar of me is a MOTHERFUCKER!" and downs the shot. "Again!" he barks.

The bartender pours him another shot. The biker snatches it up, looks to his left at the equally timid group of men and declares "Everyone on this side of me is a HOMO!" and slams the shot. "AGAIN!" he demands of the bartender.

As the bartender is pouring out another shot, one lone man at the far right end of the bar meekly gets out of his seat and and walks along the bar towards the biker dude.

The biker dude's eyes narrow into slits. "You got somethin' to say to me??" he roars at the small man.

"Oh no, sir." he meekly explains. "I just didn't realize I was sitting on the wrong end of the bar."

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