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A customer asked my coworker for my name and the general manager’s info, and then tells my shift manager that she didn’t like how I put their sauce on their table.

This was on Sunday. I’m a hybrid at work. My main job is to be a hostess but I help with serving tables when it’s needed. Right before I clocked out, we had a wave of tables come in so I decided to help a couple tables before I left. I took their order, got their drinks, and got their sauces.

I brought the drinks and sauces over, one of the girls at the table asks for chili oil so I grab some chili oil and drop it off at their table. Then I clock out. Right after I do, my manager tells me that they’re complaining about how I put their sauces down on their table. They honestly made it sound like I threw the sauces down, but I didn’t?? I was shocked and confused about hearing that, and for some reason I decided to go to their table to ask them about it.

The girl that asked me for the chili oil just straight up told me that she doesn’t like my attitude. I was taken aback?? I was trying to apologize if I did something rude, and she just brushed me off saying to leave them alone because they’re trying to eat.

So I just left and immediately called my manager to give him a heads up of the situation. I kind of just broke down and sobbed when I called him because I couldn’t understand what was happening. I have no idea what I did that made me come off as rude. It sounds silly, but the being treated like that by a customer really hurt. I keep replaying the situation in my head and wondering what I maybe did wrong and what I could have done differently.

It’s been a couple days and it still bothers me.

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