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A Business Hiring SEO Services Question

I run a small company in the UK that is going to turn over around 350k this year. As we expand were looking at ways we can improve our organic and mappack traffic to our website.

To date, I have a built a very presentable website using a website builder and managed all our GMaps myself, and have had some good success. However I appreciate the website isnt working as we arent even on the top google search and it needs redoing with SEO in mind. Gmaps on the other hand were in the top 3 and I want to keep it that way so im interested in outsourcing this to give the best possible chance of staying on top.

The problem I have is, I have hit the limit of my knowledge and skills with the website and SEO in general. Ive also found my time is more profitably spent elsewhere so im looking to outsource this side of the business.

We have contacted a local company who have quoted a new website for a very reasonable fee.

We have also been quoted for SEO services and its been recommended we need somebody working on this every month for up to 3 days a month. Costing in the region of £600-£900 per month. This has been explained as the equivalent of somebody working for 24hrs a month.

While I trust there are time consuming tasks and background activities with every trade that you dont see. I'm dubious what is it somebody will be doing for 24hrs a day to warrant spending up to £900 a month.

I also understand time spent isn't a measure of results. Im happy to pay somebody 8 hrs if they perform the same work in 4hrs. But this hasn't been presented to me in this way.

Could anyone clarify for me, for a business of our size, would this level of investment and spending warrant the desired results?

What would actually physically be done during this time and realistically how much time do these tasks actually take?

Thanks for any advice

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