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24F and 26M Wanting to Travel to Cairo, Any Advice?

Me and my husband are wanting to go to Cairo to see a friend and have a little vacation, but I've been reading some pretty sketchy stuff about Cairo when I tried searching this (and a couple other) subreddits.

Our friend would be with us the entire time, so should we have anything to worry about? It seems like a lot of the horror stories come from people who don't have any kind of local guide but we don't plan on hitting the "touristy" stuff, maybe seeing the pyramids but not doing a tour or anything. We really just want to go visit our friend.

This will be my first time ever traveling, though my husband traveled when he was younger with his family due to military reasons. Is there anything I should know? Also I'll probably be flying back solo (staying longer than my husband), is there anything I should know about that too?

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